Traveling on a fridge door


Hello! I’m E. How did you spend your stay-at-home days? Today, I’ll show you my fridge door. I like visiting museums and when I am impressed by certain pictures, I always buy a magnet that the touching work is printed on. Here are my collections. Have you seen any of these pictures? I put them on my fridge door and sometimes remember the moment when I saw these pictures. Look at the left one on the second row from the bottom. I bought it in Hawaii last year. That was my first trip to Hawaii and it was an extremely nice, cozy time that I’ve never had before. I liked it very much. Um…I wish I could be there right now! Unfortunately, we should keep waiting before going abroad for a while, but some museums have reopened! Do you have any recommendations? Please tell me!

わたしのおすすめは、ロンドンのV&A Museumです。