Historical and Modern Architectural design of Estonia and Finland


Hello everyone. I will tell you about my summer trip in Estonia and Finland !

I visited with my friend for 7 days.

We decided on Estoniain in order to see an architectural site called ‘Estonia National Museum’. It was built in 2015, designed by an architect group which included a young Japanese architect named ‘Tsuyoshi Tane’.
It was so beautiful and huge! I liked it.
The museum is built on the former Soviet runway. It is constructed on a long and narrow shaped piece of land, and the roof is gradually inclined. It looks as if plane are flying towards hope.
It is a building that will remain as a symbol of hope for future generations without leaving the sad past of Soviet rule.

We moved to Helsinki by ferry. The ferry was so convenient. We didn’t have to show our passport, and it took only 2.5 hours !

There were a lot of product shops in Helsinki, and I could find good textiles, interior goods and so on.
One of the good points of visiting there is that we can get inspiration from excellent designs!
Then, in ‘Iittala & Arabia Design Centre’, I was able to absorb Finnish historical design.

We painted Russian ‘Matryoshka dolls’ in Design Museum. The yellow one on the left is mine!

I also like to do activities during travel. I tried a ‘sauna’. I went to ‘Kulttuurisauna’.
The sauna was hot but I felt very comfortable sweating, because Finland and Estonia were so cold.
I felt so refreshed ! Please try it !
I would highly recommend it, because we had a beautiful view of the harbor while taking a sauna, the staff were good, and you can dive into the sea when it gets hot.

There were many products that combined traditional folk crafts into modern art, and I was able to see many sophisticated designs.
I would like to recommend these countries for those who like modern architecture and cool product design.