Asking Questions

Asking Questions / 疑問文を作る練習

Create questions that fit the given answers.


No, I don’t .


Two hours.

Because I overslept.

This one, not that one.

Yes, she does.


My cousin.

Five blocks.

Once a week.


Where do you live? Down town.

Do you like cats?  No, I   don’t .

What time do you leave for work?  Seven-thirty.

How long does it take to get to the office?  Two hours.

Why were you late for work this morning? Because I overslept.

Which one is your umbrella? This one, not that one.

Does she live in Hamacho? Yes, she does.

Whose computer is this? Mine.

Who is he?  My cousin.

How far is it to get to Ningyocho Station?  Five blocks.

How often do you work out? Once a week.

上記はサンプル解答です。Be creative!