From San Francisco

San Francisco に滞在中のTYさんからお便りが届きました。

Hello everyone!

I enjoy my life in San Francisco.

I thought that San Francisco was very warm before I came here.
I guess most Japanese also think so, but  it’s actually cold.
The temperature is going up and down throughout the day, especially in the evening, my light down-jacket is very useful for me.
I usually work at a co-working space on weekdays.There are many kinds of people from around the world. They are workers from Tokyo here to develop their businesses and entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and so on.They talk about their services and new technology, and the future.I admire their energy and passion.
On weekends I explore the city. I’ll show you some picture with an explanation below.
First is the Golden Gate Bridge. Did you remember the TV program “Full House”? The opening shot was here.
It’s a major sightseeing spot. I tried to go around by rental bicycle. I spent four hours, and it was nice exercise for me.
Second is Castro Area. The rainbow painting means LGBT Mecca. I respect the culture because they accept everyone.
Third is an exhibition in an event. This event was held by Facebook. A lot of startups like Facebook hold some events for developers or marketers  to show their services and to expand their brand.
How was my pictures?
This city is open and acceptable for all kinds of people.
Some research shows that increasing numbers of gays in a city improve the creativeness.
I think the creative city impressed all people.They look like they enjoy their lives.
Could you tell me your impressions when I come back to Tokyo.
See you soon.

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  1. tokyoeigo Post author

    You seem to enjoy your life in San Francisco. I visited San Francisco almost 15 years ago. It was my first time to visit an English speaking country and I found speaking English and communicating with people interesting. As soon as I got back from the trip, I decided to study abroad. Regarding your journal, I remembered driving a Mustang Convertible and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in February. It was extremely cold that day, but an amazing experience. I strongly recommend driving to L.A. on the Pacific Coast Highway and to Las Vegas as well. I am looking forward to your next journal!

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