Business Result Intermediate: Starting point


Working life

  • What kind of business or organization do you work for?
  • Where do you spend most of your working day? At your desk, in meeting or somewhere else?
  • How much of your time is spend working on your own, with colleagues or with clients?

Work-life balance

What is work-life balance?

Is there a long-hours working culture in your country?


  • What makes a project successful?
  • Do you like prefer to lead a project or be part of the team? Why?
  • Do you like being involved in long-term projects? Why/Why not?

Services & systems

  • What types of online services do you use? Online banking/ Cloud storage/ News feeds/ Others?
  • What are the benefits of these services?
  • Does your company offer any online services? Tell the class about them.


  • Who are your main customers?
  • How does your company keep its customers happy?
  • What percentage of your company`s business is online?

Guests & visitors

  • How often dose your company have business guests and visitors?
  • Why do they visit the company?
  • Does the company entertain then in the evenings? If so, how?
  • How often do you visit other companies?
  • Do you prefer being the visitor or the host?
  • Working online


  • Which online mobile devices do you have with you all the time?
  • How important is it for you to be online 24/7?
  • How do you feel when you can’t access the Internet and go online?
  • Give reasons for your answer.


  • Who is in charge of dealing with financial matters in your company/ department/home ?
  • Do you ever work with a budget at work or at home? How do you decide what to spend?
  • Do you think it’s easier to manage your own money, or someone else’s money (e.g. your company’s money)? Why not?


  • What does the term ‘logistics’ mean?
  • Have you ever experienced problems with the delivery of goods at home or at work? What happened?


  • Work with a partner. List as many places of work as you can in two minutes.
  • Which ones would you most like to work in? Give reasons for your answers.


  • Read how four people make decisions. Who are you most like?

‘I trust my instincts. If I think too much about something I often get it wrong.’
‘Sometimes I rush into decisions too quickly and I often regret what I have done.’
‘I make a list of advantages and disadvantages of each option before I decide.’
‘I ask people I trust what they think before I make up my mind. I find it hard to make decisions on my own.’

  • What was the best decision you ever made? (Either at work or in your personal life.)


  • Where and where do you get your best ideas? At work/ After lunch/ In the middle of the night
  • During your lifetime, what have been the most important innovation in ….?
  • business/ technology/ transport and travel


  • How do you feel about companies that sell goods and services that are not 100% perfect?
  • What types of products would you buy at a discounted price if they had a defect? Why?


  • Work with a partner. Brainstorm the stages for the following processes.
  • Applying for a job/ Moving your office/ Buying a house
  • Compare your stages with another group. Who has the most stages? Are they all necessary?


  • How do you assess your performance at work? What about activities outside of work such as sports, education, Language classes, parenting?
  • How do you measure success in life? Which things on this list are important? What else would you add? money and wealth/ family/ good health/ job and career / love and relationships / qualifications /
  • busy social life