Business Result Elementary: Starting point


What is your job?

What nationality are these companies: Lufthansa, Sony?

What do these companies produce: Philips, Bayer?

What do these companies provide: Banco do Brasil, CNN?

Does your company have offices or operations in different countries? Where?

Do you always work in the same place? What places do you visit for your job?

Where is your head office?

What technology do you use for work?

Do you use the same technology at home?

What types of correspondence do you use in your job?

How many hours a day do you spend on correspondence and paperwork?

What different ways of communicating with colleagues do you use in your company?

Does your company use social media to communicate with its employees or customers?

How many departments does your company have? Can you name them?

Which department has a large number of employees? Which is a small department?

What does your department do?

How many employees are there in your company/ department/office?

How does your company recruit new employees? Does it have a human resources department?

Do you work in a competitive industry/ business?

Who are your competitors, locally and globally?

Do you usually work alone or in a team?

What are the advantages of working in a team?

When you make decisions, do you always ask for other opinions?

Do you have your best ideas on your own or with others?

Do you often travel on business/holiday?

What is your favorite destination? Why?

How do you travel?

What’s your busiest month?

Which month do you normally take a holiday in?

Which is your favorite season: spring, summer, autumn or winter? Why?