TOEIC Speaking TEST Q11



[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Leadership”] 良いネゴシエーターであることは重要です/会社の成功にとって。ビジネスリーダーは、良いネゴシエーターである必要があります/取引をするために。もしあなたが良い取引をすればそれは会社の利益になるあなたの会社は利益を得ることができます

[a] Being a good negotiator is important for the success of the company. Business leaders need to be good negotiators to make deals. If you can make good deals that benefit your company, your company will make a profit. 

[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Customer_Service”] もし会社のカスタマーサービスが良ければ、顧客は商品を買い続けるでしょう/彼らから。例えば、約2年前に、わたしはスマホを買いました。しかし、うっかりそれを水の中に落としてしまいました/たった2日後に/それを買った。ラッキーなことに、私がそれを買ったお店のカスタマーサービスは良かったのです。担当者はその電話を無料で修理してくれ、(そのことに)関心しました。なので、最近新しいスマホを買ったとき、私は買いました/同じ店から。

[a] About two years ago, I bought a smart phone. But, I accidentally dropped it in the water just two days after I bought it. Fortunately, the store I bought it from had great customer service. A representative fixed the phone for free, which really impressed me. So, when I recently bought a new smart phone, I bought a phone from the same store.

[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Environment”] とりわけ、それは役に立ちます/大気汚染を減らすために/わたしの街の、そこは交通量が多いです。 深刻な大気汚染問題がありました/約10年前に。しかし、政府が導入してから/エコフレンドリーな車両を、空気は綺麗になってきており、見えるようになりました/青い空がしばしば。なので、より多く支出することは価値があります/汚染を削減しつづけるために/よりエコフレンドリーな車両で。そしてまた、公共交通機関はそれほど高くないのです。なので、多くの人はすすんで支払うでしょう/少し多く/環境のために

[a] Most of all, it is helpful to reduce air pollution. In my city, there is a lot of traffic. There was a serious air pollution problem about 10 years ago. But since the government introduced  air pollution problem about 10 years ago. But since the government introduced environmentally friendly public transportation, the air has been getting cleaner and I can see a blue sky often. So it’s worth paying more to keep reducing the air pollution with more environmentally friendly vehicles. And besides, public transportation is not that expensive, so I think most people would be willing to pay a little more for the environment. 

[q unit=”Success” topic=”Hard_work”] …なぜなら、とても才能のあるアスリートですら、ハードワークが必要です/腕を上げるために/スポーツの/彼らがプレイする。有名な野球選手のxxはこれの良い例です。彼は野球を毎日練習しました/彼の休みの日ですら、そして彼はいつも注意を払っていました/バランスの良い食事をとることに。なぜなら、かれは一生懸命がんばりました/健康と元気を保つために、彼のパフォーマンスは毎年良くなりました。結果として、彼は野球をプレイしました/40代まで。

  [a] …because even athletes who are very talented need to work hard to be good at the sports they play. The famous baseball player named xxx is a good example of this. He practiced baseball every day- even on his days off, and he was always careful to eat a balanced diet. Because he worked so hard to keep healthy and fit, his performance improved every year. As a result, he still played baseball well into his 40’s. 

[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Pet”] ペットを育てることは楽しいです/家族全体にとって、そしてそれはまた助けることができます/彼らを引き合わせることが。わたしが小学生のとき、わたしの家族は犬を飼ってました。わたしたちはかつてよく遊びました/その犬とリビングで/夕食のあと/みんな一緒に。そして、たまに、散歩に行きました/公園に/その犬と、そして順番にボールを投げました/犬のために/持って帰るように。わたしは思います/ペットを育てることは/わたしたちの家族に/たくさんの機会を与えます/時間を一緒に過ごすことの。そして、わたしたちをずっと活動的にさせました。わたしたちはたくさんの運動をしました/遊びながら犬と/歩きながら彼と。

[a] Raising a pet can be fun for the whole family, and it can also help bring them together. When I was an elementary school student, our family had a dog. We used to play with him in the living room after dinner all together. And sometimes, we went for a walk to the park with him and took turns throwing a ball for him to bring back. I think rising a pet gave our family many opportunities to spend time together. And it kept us active. We got plenty of exercise playing with the dog and walking him. 

[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Study”]



…because it would be easier to concentrate on the content of the training that way. When I was a new employee at a company , I needed to learn Chinese. So, I took an online Chinese course. However, it  was difficult to concentrate on the lessons because there wasn’t any interaction between me and my teacher or the other students in the classroom. So, I usually spent my online course time playing a game on my mobile phone. But hen, I registered at a Chinese language school near my office. The lesson was very active and I could practice speaking with other students. As result, my Chinese skills improved a lot. 

[q unit=”Environment”] わたしの街、東京、はひとつの例です/なぜわたしがそのように考えるかの。約10年前、そんなに多くの緑の場所がありませんでした/東京には。それは、ビルは工場なのでひしめきあってました。しかし、最近、多くの工場/その町のは町から移動し、いくつかの大きな公園があります/そのかわりに。その結果、人々は時間を過ごすことができます/家族と、あるいは、ストレスを和らげます/その公園で。また、わたしは考えます/その傾向/増やすことに向けての/緑の場所を(そこでは人々がリラックスできる)/町で/はおそらく続くでしょう、なぜなら、町の住民は認識しているから/生活の質の向上を(緑の場所がもたらす)

[a] My city, Tokyo, is an example of why I think this. About 10 years ago, there were not many green spaces in Tokyo. It was full of buildings and factories. But recently, most factories in the city moved out of town and there are some large parks instead. As a result, people can spend time with their family or relieve stress in the parks. And I think this trend toward increasing the spaces where people can relax in the city is likely to continue since city residents recognize the improved quality of life that green spaces bring. 

[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Success”]



I have this opinion because I believe that passion can keep an author motivated. For example, there is a famous Japanese author who writes a lot of books. He is known as a very passionate writer. To gather ideas for new books, he doesn’t hesitate to travel to dangerous places or to meet strangers. He enjoys doing research and spending time every day writing. Because of his passion, he is very successful. He has written more than twenty books, and all of his books are full of interesting ideas. They always receive good reviews and all of them are best-sellers. 

[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Work”]


  [a] For one thing, they have solutions to various problems in the workplace. When I was a new employee, I had difficulty in getting used to the computer programs for work, which made me feel stressed. But fortunately, my supervisor taught me some important computer skills I needed to get started. And she also introduced me to some training videos online to help me advance my skills. As a result, I could learn essential skills to use the programs in a short time. And since I could use the new computer programs easily after that I didn’t feel so stressed.

[q unit=”Study”]

・・なぜなら、それはより理解しやすいからです/ニュースを/そのやり方で。わたしが大学生の時、かつて新聞を読んでいました/世界の出来事を知るために。しかしながら、それは理解するのが難しかったです/時折、なぜならば、少しのイメージしかなかったからです/新聞に、また私は時間がありませんでした/すべての記事を読むための。しかし、今日では、わたしはテレビでニュースをみます/そして理解することができます/より簡単に、おかげで/ビデオと/ニュースリポーターのコメントの。テレビのニュース番組は、よく専門家を招きます/彼らを参加するのに、そしてあなたはより知ることができます/あるトピックについて/聞くことによって/リポーターがゲストをインタビューするのを。また、わたしは他のことをすることができます/ニュースをテレビで見ながら、例えば/夕飯を作ったり または 家を掃除したり。


…because it is much easier to understand the news that way. When I was a university student, I used to read a newspaper to learn about world events. However, it was difficult to understand the news sometimes because there were only a few images in the newspaper, and I didn’t have time to read all the articles. But nowadays, I watch news on television and I can understand the news more easily thanks to the videos and commentary from the news reporters. The television news programs also often invite expert to join them, and you can learn more about a topic by listening to the reporters interview the guests. Also I can do other things while I watch the news on television, like cook dinner or clean the house. 

[q unit=”Q11″ topic=”Online”]



In fact, I use it all the time. About 5 years ago, most of the supermarket didn’t provide a delivery service. So, it was very inconvenient to carry heavy groceries such as rice or water. But nowadays, all of the supermarket provide a delivery service for free and I can choose the delivery time. And shopping online is a lot quicker than walking around the grocery store choosing items. Thanks to this service, I can save time shopping and don’t have to carry heavy groceries. 

[q unit=”Study”]



That’s because there are people like me who think reading is a boring way to spend free time. About three years ago, I went on a vacation to a small island. At that time, I wanted to relax in a quiet atmosphere. I brought some famous novels to read during my free time on the beach. However, I didn’t read very much. I found that I enjoyed playing games and visiting with other people instead. Reading is something that you do by yourself, but people like me like to be social and spend time with other people. So I think there are a lot of other activities that are more fun and interesting than reading. 

[q] はじめに、もしマネージャーがチームのひとりとひとりとできるだけ多く会うと/会議で、マネージャーと社員はよくコミュニケーションをはかることができ、お互いをよく知ることができます(そのことは、結果となります/良い関係を/マネージャーと従業員の)次に、定期的に従業員に会い、フィードバックを頻繁に従業員にすることは、役立ちます/社員が効率を上げ、離職者を減らし、モチベーションを上げる/自身を向上させるための。最後に、頻繁な会議は提供します/正確な業務評価を、そしてそれは結果につながります/増やすこと社員の自覚を/彼らの強みと弱みの。

  [a] First of all, if a manager meets each of the team members as often as he can at face-to-face meetings, both the managers and the employees can communicate well and get to know each other, which will  result in improved relationships between management and staff. Secondly, meeting regularly with employees and providing frequent feedback to employees can help improve employees performances, reduce turnover, and motivate employees to improve themselves. Finally, frequent meetings with employees can provide accurate performance assessments, and they can lead to increasing employees’ awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.   



  [a] First of all, if we don’t have enough money to cover basic needs, such as food, a decent house, and private school and university tuition, we are not going to have enough peace of mind to be happy. Secondly, spending money on many pleasures and activities such as regular massages, delicious dinners with friends and colleagues, trips with friends and family members, and donations to the needy makes us feel happy. 

[q] たくさんの利点があります/スマートフォンを使うことは/なぜなら、スマートフォンは生活の一部となり、大きな影響を与えます/それに。はじめに、スマートフォンはさせました/人々とコミュニケーションする手段を、早く/簡単に/わたしたちがどこにいようと。次に、予定を立てるためにスマートフォンを使うとき、それは役立ちます/整理するのに/日々の予定を、(それは、思い出させてくれます/会議、特別な予定や約束を)最後に、スマートフォンは私たちを楽しませてくれます、ゲームをしたり、映画をみたり、音楽を聴くときなどに。

[a] I think there are many advantages of using a cell phone because cell phones have become a part of our modern lives and have a great amount of influence on them, too. First of all, mobile phones make the process of communicating with people faster and easier wherever we are. Secondly, when using our mobile phones as daily planners, they can help us to organize our daily plans, which remind us of meetings, special occasions, and appointments. Finally, they can entertain us as we play games, watch movies, and listen to music. 

[q] はじめに、なので/多くの人健康を気にするようになったので、彼らは注力しています/健康的な食べ物を食べることを、例えば、果物、野菜、全粒穀物、(それらは、豊富な源です/様々な栄養価の)次に、健康的な食べ物はリスクを減らします/成人病を、たとべば、肥満、心臓病、糖尿病、高血圧など。なので、それらの役に立ちます/健康を保ち長生きすることを。最後に、健康的な食事をとることは/重要な部分です/質の高い生活を維持することの、人に与えることによって/幸福と活力を。

[a] First of all, since many people are more concerned about their health, they focus on eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which are rich sources of a variety of nutrients. Secondly, healthy foods help reduce the risk of adult diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, so they help people stay healthy and live longer. Finally, eating healthy foods is an important part of maintaining a good quality of life by giving one a feeling of happiness and energy. 

[q] リスクをとる人の方が多くのチャンスがあります/成功することの/仕事で。もしリスクを冒さなければ、成し遂げることができません/何も/大きなものを、なぜなら、リスクを冒さないということは意味します/今の場所にとどまるであろうということを。結果として、あなたは大きな進歩を成し遂げることができません/仕事で。つまり、行動をおこさないことによって、成功のチャンスをへらしてしまうのです。しかし、もし/リスクを冒して何か新しいことに挑戦すれば、大きく成功できるかもしれません。多くの成功した起業家たちは/歴史上の、大きなリスクを冒してきました。(仮定)もし彼らがリスクを取らなければ、決して成功することはなかったかもしれません。

  [a] I think risk takers have more chance of being successful at work. If you don’t take any risks, you can’t achieve anything big because not taking risks means that you will stay where you are. As a result, you can’t make any significant progress at work. In other words, by not taking action, you reduce your chance of success. But if you take risks and try something new, you could win big. Most successful entrepreneurs in history have taken big risks. If they hadn’t taken any risks, they would never have succeeded. 

[q] はじめに、観葉植物は空気中の有害な汚染物質を取り除くことができ、そして新鮮な酸素に取り替えます、(それは役目を果たします/生きた空気清浄機のように。)次に、観葉植物は、心を落ち着かせて、楽観的な気持ちにさせます。そのために、たくさんの会社が導入しています/観葉植物を、高めるために/社員の健康と士気を。最後に、観葉植物は使われます/装飾用に/家庭や社内の。それらの装飾用の観葉植物は美しさを加えることができます/室内装飾に。

[a] First of all, they can remove harmful pollutants from the air and replace them with fresh oxygen, which acts as a living air purifier. Secondly, houseplants make people feel calmer and more optimistic, and, for this reason, many corporations are adding indoor plants to improve employees’ health and morale. Finally, houseplants are used as decorations for homes and offices, and these decorative houseplants can also add a lot of beauty to the décor. 

[q] わたしは思います/人々が観葉植物を置くのは/家や職場に/なぜなら/彼らはリラックスした気分になりたい/それを見ることによって。それは科学的にも証明されています/何か緑ものを見ることは、リラックスと癒し効果がありことが。結果として、植物をあなたの周りに置くことは、ストレスを減らすのに役立ちます。また植物を置くことは空気をきれいにすることができます。

[a] I think people keep houseplants in their home or office because they want to feel relaxed by looking at them. It’s scientifically proven that looking at something green has a relaxing and soothing effect. As a result, having plants around you helps reduce stress. Also, keeping plants can clean the air. 




Most of all, customer reviews can give incorrect information. I once bought a camera online after reading customer reviews. When I received it, I found that the reviews were wrong. For example, one review said that the camera worked well in cold weather, but when I tried to take pictures in the winter, the battery died quickly. So, I ended up returning the camera, even though the camera got great customer reviews. 

[q] はじめに、会社の社員は、機会の部品ではありません。人間です。わたしの職場では、マネージャーは注意を払っています/それぞれの社員のスキルや好み、そして仕事を割り振ろうとします/それに基づいて。なので、外交的な人はクライアントと話す時間が多くなり、静かな時間を好む人はより多く報告書を書きます。わたしたちはみなより仕事を楽しみ、評価されていると感じます。また、人々は重役がフレンドリーな人だと感じれば、彼らはより可能性が高くなります/自分の気持ちを話すことの。わたしの職場では、人々はすぐに指摘します/問題点や改善できそうなことは。

[a] First of all, workers are at a company aren’t just part of a machine; they’re people. At my workplace, my manager pays attention to each employee’s skills and preferences and tries to assign work based on that. So the people who are outgoing spend more time talking to clients, and people who like quiet time write more reports. We all enjoy our jobs more and feel appreciated. Also, if people feel that the executives are friendly, they’re more likely to speak their minds. In my workplace, people are quick to point out problems or things that we could do better.



  [a] Of course, executives should treat their subordinates well, but I don’t think they can have a close personal relationship. First of all, when a manager tries to be friends with their staff, they will naturally get along better with some people than others. That happened at my old office. One lady was a best friend with her manager, and the other employees felt that it was unfair. Also, some people want to keep their personal life separate from work. Last year, my mother was really sick, but I didn’t tell anyone. I wanted to forget about it while I was at work. If my manager had tried to be kind and talk to me about it, I would have been upset. 



  [a] First, showing leadership means understanding a goal, planning how to reach it, and motivating people to follow you through to the finish. My cheer-leading captain in college was a perfect example of this. She always knew the right words to say to push us through practice and competitions. We were stronger because of it. Second, I feel that to be a good leader, one must have a balance knowing how to motivate people and patience. At my job, my supervisor shows a lot of patience with new workers and always motivates them to be the best they can be. To me, this makes her a good leader. 



[a] There are some people who argue, “One person can’t do as much work as 50 people, so why should they earn 50 times more money?” But that’s missing the point. Based on the decisions made by the executives, companies can make or lose millions of dollars. To give an example, Apple was struggling until Steve Jobs became CEO again, and since he passed away, their new products haven’t been as good. The value that Steve Jobs brought to the company really was many times that of the average worker. Also, in my industry, high achievers understand their own value. If they aren’t well paid, they’ll go to a different company.