TED Lesson -1(Sample)


1.What does AR stand for?

a) All Realism
b) Artistic Reality
c) All Real Technology
d) Augmented Reality

2.What is Augmented Reality a blending of?

a) Virtual flash cards that you can view on your iPad.
b) A melding of the real world with computer-generated images.
c) A mix of computer-generated sounds and virtual reality scenery

3. According to the presenter, what is the main job of a magician?

a) To sell you something expensive.
b) To make you think about life.
c) To heal your sickness through laughter.
d) To be a storyteller.
e) To make your taxes disappear.

4.What is the key to performing a successful magic trick “magic” according to the presenter?

a) distance
b) deception
c) listening skills
d) physical strength
e) creative ideas

5.What does an audience need to do in order for magic to work?

a) Ask the magician what he’s doing
b) Look in a mirror
c) Guess what the magician is holding
d) Suspend their disbelief

6. Which sentence is correct according to the video?

a) Magic is a story with a twist.
b) Augmented Reality works best when there are 2 people in the room.
c) The best stories always have a sad ending.

7. What is an “audience”?

a) Usually a group of people who are watching an event together.
b) A sports player for tennis.
c) Your mother`s sister in relation to you.
d) A fruit from Indonesia.

8. When are a few times that people tend to “suspend disbelief”?

a) When watching movies.
b) When reading books.
c) When listening to music.
d) When stepping on an airplane.

9. What does the word “transform” mean?

a) To show something
b) To change
c) To move from one place to another quickly.
d) To translate something from one language to another
e) To get more of something

10. What is a synonym (word with the same meaning) for the word “capacity”?

a) naturally
b) weekly
c) shrinking
d) cancel
e) ability

11. What is an antonym (word with the opposite meaning) of the word “never”?

a) always
b) near
c) close
d) far away
e) nothing

12.According to the presenter, what do the best stories always have?
a) A happy ending.
b) A mystery.
c) A sad ending.
d) Comedy.
e) A beautiful princess.

13. What is the name of a very popular Augmented Reality game in Japan?
a) PokemonGo
b) Street Fighter V
d) Overwatch

14. How do you think new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will influence entertainment, TV media in Japan?

15. Do you think that Augmented Reality will have any impact on your daily life or job in the future? Why or why not?