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新語・流行語大賞・第38回 2021年 ノミネート語

‘Gold’ or ‘money’ chosen as kanji of the year

How much does the diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 matter?

Sumo enters new era with new yokozuna ※相撲部員向け

New Zealand to ban cigarette sales for future generations

‘I keep forgetting you’re still alive:’ Elon Musk trolls Bernie Sanders on Twitter

What the ‘Joker attack’ revealed about Japanese society

Japan seeks new ways to strengthen semiconductor production

Kyodo News Digest: Nov. 12, 2021–1-.html

Why coffee prices are skyrocketing

Center court with Naomi Osaka’s trainer: How is Shohei Ohtani viewed in the US?

Kyoto police release online map of street crime, traffic accident info in prefecture

(2021/12/14 Updated)