Message from Ayumi

Long time no see!
I feel nostalgic because my mates have been attending tokyoeigo.
As for me, I got a boyfriend who is from Chile and we moved in together two days ago! He speaks Spanish and I speak Japanese, so when we  communicate, we need to speak English.It’s good practice for us. But I thought languages are not important  for us!
On a separate note, I’d have to update you about my job situation. It actually happened a while ago. When I was at school, I was working at a restaurant. I was in charge of designing  a menu board and waitress. But I didn’t want to continue this job because I was a designer in Japan.
So I tried to change jobs after I completed English school. Fortunately, I could get a full time job at a real estate company. I was going  to work there from 18th Apr.
On 11th Apr, When I was working at the restaurant, a man asked me ‘’ Who painted on the board?’’ I told him everything about my experience. Then he asked me ,” Are you a designer? If you are interested in my company, could you please work with us?’’ Surprisingly, he is a boss of  huge and very famous company and  he is going  to make a new division and  looking for a designer.
After 3 days, I decided to work for his company. I apologized to the real estate company.
I’ll do my best in NZ!!
PS. I could see Borden Barrette!
Love, Ayumi

2 thoughts on “Message from Ayumi

  1. D Post author

    Hi Ayumi
    You look wonderful and your life in New Zealand sounds so great.
    But, the number 1 thing to tell you is your message is amazing! I’m so surprise how well written it is. Your English has really improved quickly.
    From D

  2. Brittani Post author

    I’m so happy for you…and proud too! You are really living the NZ life. I wish you all the best of luck. I am happy to hear you have so many friends and a boyfriend too! It’s hard to have a boyfriend that doesn’t speak your language fluently but you can learn a lot about each other’s cultures. It isn’t easy but I think it’s worth it. Keep doing your best.
    What a cool job! I think that this will be a good place for you. You can do your passion and make money. It’s also my dream too. Not art but writing. I wish you luck and hope that you can make a lot of money!! Do you think you will live in NZ for a long time? Do you miss Japan?
    I hope you are happy and continue to have good luck!

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