Manzovino / Yakiniku

Walter 先生と焼肉を食べてきました!本当に美味しいお肉でした。

As everyone already knows, that I’m not a huge meat eater or yakiniku fan. Recently, I tend to prefer more of a vegetable diet for training and health reasons. Even so, I would still highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good and filling lunch menu in the Nihombashi area! Check out the photos to why.

For starters, the restaurant is very spacious and has a very relaxing atmosphere around lunchtime. To be fair, we arrived at the restaurant around 1 pm, after the 11:30 ~12:30 pm lunch rush.  The place seems to be quite busy during normal salaryman lunch break hours, so we probably arrived right after the usual customers headed back to work. There weren`t too many people around then, so it was easy to find a nice seat. The restaurant staff was quite friendly and provided quick, professional service.

Plus the food menu was absolutely AMAZING!

This restaurant serves a great mix of high-quality thin meat slices such as beef, lamb, and even dear meat. their normal dinner menu has a very good selection of Italian-style pasta, soups, and salads. The lunch menu that we tried had a very meat to vegetable ratio balance, complete with a very tasty soup, so while the meal was quite filling, by contrast, it wasn`t too heavy on the stomach.

The usual lunch menu also comes with a bowl of white rice, which my friend and I both (thankfully) declined as it would have been too much for us to handle. For the quality of meat and service, the lunch menu was very reasonably priced.

The restaurant also boasts an expert selection of wines (red & white) and beer that will definitely leave you full and satisfied.

At the end of the day, the food left me with both a clean and refreshed feeling. My favorite disk of the afternoon was the sliced beef roast topped with truffle oil and pepper. The scrumptious taste of juicy beef and truffle mushrooms worked it`s magic on my taste buds more than I ever imagined! That would be my top choice for foodies who are looking to dive into the delicacy side of gourmet beef grilling.

Overall, the experience was a great one that I would strongly advise for people who may be taking a casual stroll in the area. This restaurant is also a good place for company meetings, friendly get-togethers, and dinner time events, but I would recommend making a reservation as the place does get quite busy after normal working hours.

I would give Manzovino a 10⭐️ out of 10⭐️ for lunch, so you should definitely go check them out!